Meet Our Head Bleu Babe

Kim Stephenson moved to Wilmington from her hometown of Charlotte in 2011. She has always been passionate about women’s clothing and the fashion world. Kim started out as a Fashion Design major but her work experience at a local boutique made her quickly realize she found the most joy outfitting women. She then changed her major to Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. After college, Kim spent a few years working in the women’s clothing industry before taking time off to raise her three children.
While living in Wilmington, Kim noticed a need for a boutique that both she and her teenage daughter could both enjoy. She loved the laid back, casual feel of a coastal community and the clothes that fit this carefree lifestyle. In the fall of 2016, she opened Très Bleu - a beautiful, French market inspired interior, combined with a friendly & approachable atmosphere with brands sourced from New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Australia.