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At Caballero Collection, they embrace the ethos that sustainable and ethical fashion is not just a choice but an imperative for the future. Their commitment is reflected in the use of sustainably sourced fabrics and materials, ranging from organic cotton to Eco-responsible viscose. Collaborating closely with their suppliers, they ensure their materials have a minimal impact on the environment, maintaining socially compliant factories with equitable pay for all involved. In essence, Caballero Collection strives to create garments that extend beyond mere clothing – each piece is a testament to our passion for fashion, sustainability, ethical practices, and giving back to our roots. They invite you to wear their creations with pride, knowing that they embody the love and dedication they put into making them for you.

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Pītusa, pronounced pee-tu-sah, was created with the goal of providing high quality, flattering apparel that’s colorful, comfortable, and evokes happiness. Pītusa clothing is made to chill! Their pieces are inspired by travels around the world and the diversity of cultures. They are a female-led brand employing female-run and operated ateliers. They place an emphasis on luxurious fabrics such as pima cotton from Peru and lightweight gauze cottons from India.

Clara Lago Rashidian– pītusa’s founder and CEO – with no outside investment has grown the brand to one of global recognition since its inception in 2010. Clara grew up in London and is of Spanish and English descent. She now lives with her family in Miami, where pītusa is headquartered.

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Deeply influenced by Mediterranean culture, Sundress embodies feminity and vacation style with perfection. Striking a balance between simplicity and opulence, their collections are imagined in France and created by their artisans in India and in Italy. 
More than a brand, Sundress is a universe. Sundress is a state of mind. 

In their studio in the South of France, we dream, we draw, we create... Each collection starts with a blank page. Then inspiration, new fabrics, shimmering details... and a new dream comes to life. 
Every unique collection requires 100 mock-ups, 200 pattern modifications, 100 meters of canvas fabric, 800 hours of sewing, 2 journeys to India, countless fitting days, endless liters of coffee, absolutely NO outside investment... and lot of love and passion.


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