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About the Brand

Gypset Honey brings the spirit of a gypsy soul and adventurous life into designs for jewelry, fashion and home accessories.  Bohemian attitudes, eclectic tastes and energetic ideas unite in the studio bringing simple beauty from a growing collection of treasures and objects of art, using both new elements and vintage finds.

Designer and company founder Deidre Anne Froelich gained her inspiration to bring these designs to the public from Honey - her grandmother - who lived her life as an individual grounded by family but with a passion for travel, adventure and knowledge.  In Honey’s lifetime, she traveled to over 80 countries bringing home with her an appreciation for the variety found in the world and for the wonderful home and family she loved. 

Honey was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and spent the next four years facing her battles head-on.  She refused to give up and spent each minute of every day making notes to pass on to her family and friends, tying up any unfinished business and still learning and enjoying new discoveries.  Her memory was incredible with details and dates and names and numbers, like an encyclopedia of a life well-lived.  Her life was indeed a journey and a celebration until the very end.  Gypset Honey was named in her honor and started with a financial gift tagged with her encouragement to follow the passion now. 

Giving back to those affected by cancer drives Gypset Honey’s charitable efforts.  This began with a special fund called Gypset Honey for More Birthdays* set up with the American Cancer Society in Honey’s memory for donations to fight cancer through research, awareness, patient assistance and hopefully, cures. A portion of Gypset Honey’s sales go fighting cancer and related projects community programs and direct patient outreach.   

With Gypset Honey, Deidre Froelich sets out to create jewelry and designs for lifting the heart, sharing Joy and Hope and bringing positive happy messages..  Dancing to the music of life, working with natural and vintage elements, embracing the magic and opportunities of Life, Deidre Froelich and Gypset Honey wish all Peace, Love & Travel.